Cooking Techniques

What are cooking techniques?

Cooking techniques refer to the various methods and practices used in food preparation to transform raw ingredients into delicious, cooked dishes.

These techniques involve a combination of skills, tools, and knowledge to achieve desired results in terms of flavor, texture, and presentation.

Some common cooking techniques:


Involves cooking food quickly in a small amount of oil or fat over high heat. It is typically done in a shallow pan or skillet, and the food is stirred or tossed continuously to ensure even cooking.


Refers to cooking food in an oven or over an open flame, typically with dry heat. It is commonly used for large cuts of meat, vegetables, and even fruits. Roasting helps to develop a rich flavor and crisp exterior while retaining moisture.


Involves cooking food directly over a heat source, such as an open flame or hot coals. It is a high-temperature cooking method that imparts a smoky flavor and distinctive grill marks. Grilling is commonly used for meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.


The process of cooking food in a liquid at or near its boiling point. It is commonly used for pasta, rice, vegetables, and eggs. Boiling helps to soften ingredients and infuse flavors, and it is often followed by other cooking techniques.


A gentle cooking method that involves cooking food by exposing it to steam. This technique helps retain the natural color, nutrients, and texture of the ingredients. Steaming is commonly used for vegetables, fish, and dumplings.


Involves cooking food slowly in a covered pot with a small amount of liquid. It is often used for tougher cuts of meat or vegetables. The combination of slow cooking and moist heat helps tenderize the ingredients and develop rich flavors.


is a quick cooking technique that involves cooking small, uniformly cut ingredients in a hot pan or wok with a small amount of oil. The food is continuously stirred and tossed to ensure even cooking. Stir-frying is commonly associated with Asian cuisine.


a dry heat cooking method that is typically done in an oven. It is commonly used for bread, pastries, cakes, and casseroles. Baking relies on the circulation of hot air to cook the food evenly and create a desirable texture.

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