Find Your Mind and Body Harmony

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Nutrition, Wellness

Find Your Mind and Body Harmony

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Nutrition, Wellness

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

– Naomi Judd

Health is not defined only be being free from a disease and disability, but also by living in harmony with yourself and with your social and physical environment. It is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Health doesn’t happen overnight it is a way of life which you develop and encourage every aspect of your mind, body and spirit to interrelate harmoniously!

There are 6 different aspects you need to consider to find the perfect harmony:


You need to understand your emotions and feelings and solve problems that arise every day. Being able to control how you feel and create a solution to meet your emotional needs. Be calm and maintain a clear head when stressful situations arise, it takes time to develop a strategy to be able to control what you carry on yours shoulders. Learn how to respond to negative thoughts and emotions and prioritize what it’s worth worrying about. Identify your emotions, be grateful with what you have and who you are.


Involves being mind open to new ideas and opportunities. I know it’s easier to be in your comfort zone, but being able to seek new experiences and challenges makes your mind stronger, independent, and full-filled. It’s important to feel inspired in what you do, lack of passion turns your work into suffering. Allow yourself to balance work and personal life, as much as your job it’s important your personal fulfillment is bigger than your paycheck.


Balance and respect your personal values and beliefs, don’t fight back what you feel and embrace every aspect of yourself, absorb and accept the present moment. Learn to give yourself a hug when you’re not in control of the situation, you are free on deciding how to respond to life. Learn about yourself in the process, create comfort in the unknown, lean into your values, create passion and explode yourself in it.


Being happy and passionate in what you do, a job that requires you critical thinking, problem solving and communication. Being satisfied and proud in what you are doing. There may not exist the perfect job, since everything comes with challenges but being happy with those challenges will make you feel inspire, have will power and encouragement you need to make decisions for yourself, this will help you increase your chances of success.


Being able to be open to new people, having conversations and connect to different mindsets, opens your mind and makes you retrospect of your actions. It also relieves stress, creates happiness and joy. Be the connector of people, join and expand people’s efforts and passion, share this passion and in the process join people in new and unexpected ways. Create bonds that create value to yourself. Good and honest people in your life adds value to yours. Unexpected encounters with people is the ultimate value for unexpected lessons and discovery of yourself.


Being able to identify and not do harmful habits instead of maintaining a positive, health-promoting lifestyle. Exercise should not be a punishment, it’s an activity that keeps your body flowing and staying connected to yourself. Enjoy and take advantage of being able to lift your body up and move.

The true thing you must convince yourself you are capable of doing is your mind. It’s like a domino effect… what affects one, affects the other! Listen to yourself and nurture each and one part of your body.


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