Why Food Sequence Is So Important

Have you ever wondered what’s the correct order to eat our food?

Recent studies have shown how the order in which we eat our food affects how the sugar spikes in our bodies.

You may be wondering why sugar spikes matter if you’re healthy or don’t suffer from any glucose problems. You may start feeling overwhelmed thinking you should limit the foods you eat to balance your blood sugar or control your weight, but avoiding food isn’t necessary, you just need to eat your meal in a certain order to be able to reduce the high sugar spike.

Remember FOOD IS MEDICINE and there is no need to eliminate important components that support use with enough vitamins and minerals we need for better health.

According to biochemist Jessie Inchauspéwhen we prioritize vegetables when eating our meals, the fiber found in veggies helps form a barrier in our intestines which helps prevent fast absorption of sugar from the rest of the foods.

So what is the right order to eat our food?

Ideally, you should want to start your meal with vegetables and protein and finish with your carbohydrates since the fiber in vegetables and protein helps you feel full for longer and controls your blood sugar specially when you are looking to control your weight.

Why is that?

According to recent studies, protein helps slow down the sugar we release when we eat carbohydrates, especially starchy carbs.

When combining eating first vegetables and protein, helps control our insulin levels and this is so important if you are a person who suffers from obesity or diabetes.

I’m not saying that carbohydrates are bad since they are the primary source of energy but finishing your meal with this component prevents any sugar spike.

Try to incorporate as many vegetables as you can in every meal, this won’t not only help control our blood sugar but it’s full of fiber which helps our digestion.

Who should try eating in this order?

Anyone can start eating their meal in this order, it’s not like its a specific diet or a mandatory eating pattern you should follow, but if you are looking to maintain a healthy weight, aim for weight loss, or are trying to control your blood sugar, eat your veggies and protein first paired with healthy fats and finish with your carbohydrates.


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