About Our Products

Are your cookies gluten-free? What kind of flour do you use?

Yes, our cookies are gluten-free! We use a blend of grain-free flours to ensure they are both delicious and suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.

Are your cookies vegan-friendly?

Absolutely! Our cookies are 100% vegan. We use plant-based ingredients and avoid all animal products to make sure everyone can enjoy them.

What sweetener do you use in your cookies?

We use natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar and a little splash of organic agave nectar. These provide a rich, sweet taste without the refined sugars.

Do you only sell chocolate chip cookies?

No, we have a variety of delicious options! In addition to our classic chocolate chip cookies, we also offer snickerdoodles and double fudge cookies, all made with healthy ingredients.

What are your cookies made of if they’re free from everything?

This is our little secret 🙂. Our cookies are made from wholesome, natural ingredients like grain-free flour, avocado oil, coconut sugar, and dark chocolate. They are free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, but packed with flavor and nutrition!

Are your cookies kid-approved?

Yes, our cookies are kid-approved! They are not only healthy but also tasty, making them a favorite among children. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from parents and kids alike.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

What are food allergies?

A food allergy occurs when the immune system produces an antibody in response to the protein in specific foods. Exposure to the food in even the tiniest amounts can produce symptoms either immediately or delayed, ranging from uncomfortable (hives, eczema, stomach upset, sinus problems) to life threatening (swelling of the tongue, closing of the throat). Food elimination diets, blood and/or lab tests are used as a part of the diagnosis.

What are food intolerances?

A food intolerance occurs when eating a certain food triggers a negative physiological response, but the immune system is not affected in the same way. Symptoms may take up to three days to kick in, making food intolerances very difficult to diagnose. Elimination diets and specialty tests are the most common methods for diagnosis. While not life-threatening, symptoms can be severe and range from gastrointestinal distress, headache and chronic fatigue.

I'm not sure if I have a food allergy. How can I learn more?

Since we aren’t doctors, we cannot dispense medical advice. We recommend that you talk to your doctor. If you would like to do more research, there are great online resources listed in our resources section.

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